About the Best4Ent Project

BEST4ENT project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, seeks to promote an exchange of good practices among training institutions through a course aimed at educators and trainers who deal with vocational training and education of young people.

In the framework of Education in Entrepreneurship the European Commision has adopted the “Agenda 2030” with the aim of providing EU citizens transversal competencies, to improve employability, competitiveness, and growth.

Among them, team working abilities, creative thinking and problem-solving abilities, adaptability, flexibility, initiative ability, in just one word what we call “entrepreneurship” one of the eight key competencies turns out to be the most requested competence in the labor market.

Therefore, we intend to extend and sharpen the skills of trainers and teachers, putting into practice effective ways to improve basic and the key competencies and of specific groups of learners: VET students and young/disadvantaged people. Este proyecto cuenta con la participación de las organizaciones socias de Italia, España, Suecia y Hungría: