POLARIS is the new reality of training and consulting in the field
of human resource development and business.


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Itset “Palizzi” is a school that prepares for the world of work and also
offers graduates who choose not to continue the post-graduate course,
employment prospects in line with the course of study.


+39 0873 367114

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We are also a TRAINING CENTER ACCREDITED by the Community of Madrid
and managed by professionals in the social field. We have a long history in
training programs and projects and we are specialists in
new educational methodologies.


+34 91 164 167 6

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Hungarian Vocational School


+66 561-420

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Our main 5 working areas are: Providing training, creating educational tools,
mobilising volunteers to professionalism, project management,
promoting entrepreneurship.


+46 7361 23462

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