The project approach is cooperative and is based on non-formal training and techniques such as active and participated learning, learning by doing and peer-to-peer training. The exchange of good practices, the identification and involvement of the target groups, the Handbook containing the report of the soft skills sought by the World of Work and innovative ways of education for entrepreneurship will be the best results of Best4Ent.

First, research carried out at local and transnational companies and employers will highlight the soft skills most sought after by the labor market. The final report that will follow will be the premise for the exchange of good practices and the course for teachers and trainers who will be the subject of the Handbook, OER of the project. A training event is planned for 20 teachers / trainers from the partner’s 4 countries of origin. Subsequently, thanks to the skills acquired, pilot courses will be carried out at local level (for at least 50 young people between 16 and 29 years old). 20 of these young people will also have the opportunity to participate in a transnational mobility (short-term exchange of group of pupils) which will  seek to deepen the skills and knowledge acquired in the pilot courses.

SURVEY about the soft skills more requested by Labour World

TRAINING COURSE in SWEDEN for n. 20 VET trainers for the exchange of good practices between the partners about the education to entrepreneurship

HANDBOOK with the collection of the good practices as a toolkit for VET trainers

TRAINING COURSE in SPAIN for n. 20 VET students

LOCAL TRAINING COURSE for n. 50 VET students about the entrepreneurship

FINAL EVENTS, WEBSITE & NEWSLETTER for the dissemination of the project results